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Summiting Eisenhower Beginning of the Crawford Path
Standing on top of the cairn on Eisenhower. And I managed not to fall off! There's a nice little foot bridge at the beginning of the Crawford Path.
Descending Eisenhower Washington from Eisenhower
Descending the side of Eisenhower towards the Edmands Path. A nice view of Mt. Washington from Eisenhower.
Cold Hiker Abenaki Brook
This is one seriously cold hiker we saw as we headed up the Crawford Path. He must have been wearing cotton! The Abenaki Brook near the flats on the Edmands Path.
Washington, Clay, Jefferson One of the great views towards Washington, Clay, Jefferson, etc.
Artsy Photo This is just me trying to be a little artsy. Ok, so I'm not so good at it, but the snow looks cool!
Before the Hike This is the crew as we stood before the hike began!
Everyone else made it to the Summit too Magic, Jen and Brian on the cairn at the summit of Eisenhower.
View from Ike The view from Eisenhower.
The Ridge View This is the view from the ridge between Pierce and Eisenhower. Look carefully, you can see the Mt. Washington Hotel.

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