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If you are new to hiking or even just new to the White Mountain National Forest, you may not know that the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) owns and operates eight backcountry mountain cabins that are available for lodging throughout the summer. Some of the huts are easily accessible, some aren’t, and most are run by knowledgeable, dedicated crews that do a lot to make sure you are comfortable during your trek (some are self-service huts with caretakers).

The huts are as follows:
    Hut Name Elevation Located Near:
  • Carter Notch
  • 3288 ft. Carter Dome & Wildcat D
  • Galehead
  • 3800 ft. Mt. Galehead
  • Greenleaf
  • 4200 ft. Mt. Lafayette
  • Lakes of the Clouds
  • 5050 ft. Mt. Washington
  • Lonesome Lake
  • 2760 ft. Lonesome Lake & Cannon Mountain
  • Madison Spring
  • 4800 ft. Mt. Madison
  • Mitzpah Spring
  • 3800 ft. Mt. Clinton
  • Zealand Falls
  • 2700 ft. Zealand Pond

    Hostels available by motorized transportation:
  • Crawford Notch
  • 1900 ft. Located on Rte. 302
  • Pinkham Notch
  • 2032 ft. Pinkham Notch Parking Area


The huts system is designed to allow hikers an easier way to travel the WMNF by allowing us to travel from hut to hut (which are spaced approximately a day’s hike apart) without packing all the gear required to make a similar trip. Ideally, you could hike from Lonesome Lake to Carter Notch carrying not much more than a daypack. We certainly don’t recommend this type of hiking since you could be caught in harsh weather, sustain an injury, or get lost and have nothing to protect yourself with, but theoretically it is possible.

Most of the huts have an on-duty staff of about four and reservations are required at all locations. There are bathrooms, coed bunkrooms, and a kitchen at all huts. The bunkrooms are communal, and in the case of the Madison Spring hut, bunks are stacked four tall (that’s about a 12-foot drop if you fall out of the top bunk!). The huts often have a small library of books (many related to hiking), a small "backcountry store" with essential items and souvenirs, and potable water (although at non-staffed huts like Carter Notch, water must be treated in Winter). There are no showers and there is no useable electricity (some huts use a generator for lighting only). The hut staff provides valuable weather information, maps, advice, education, and the occasional story to all comers who are interested. If you’re lucky they may even provide a little entertainment for the weary.

Prices vary for hut stays, from $23 per night for an AMC member at a self-service hut to $75 per night for a non-member at a full service hut. At all full service huts, you get dinner, a bunk with three wool blankets, all the water you can drink, and breakfast the next morning. At the self-service huts, you get water, a kitchen, and a bunk – you provide food and the ability to cook it.

Reservations Information

Reservations: ph. 603-466-2727 fax: 603-466-3871

Hours: Reservations must be made Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Payment must be made at the time you make your reservation. They accept only Visa and Mastercard.

Reservations cancelled more than 30 days in advance will result in a full refund. Reservations cancelled within 14-30 days will result in a 70% refund. Reservations cancelled less than 14 days in advance will result in a forfeit of the full deposit. Refunds may be granted in the event of emergencies and severe weather at the AMC's discretion. In most cases, the severe weather exception applies only to above-treeline situations. In either case the Reservations Office must be notified immediately.


Rates vary with the hut, time of year, and length of stay – visit http://www.outdoors.org/lodging/lodging-rates.cfm for details.



For complete information, surf on over to the AMC web site: http://www.outdoors.org

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