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Difficulty Moderate as a dayhike
Difficult w/ a full pack
Length 8.7 miles round trip
Total Elevation Gain 3,375 feet
Trails Used Champney Falls Trail
Bee Line Trail
Bolles Trail
Things to watch for Mt. Chocorua is a treeless summit. That means that it can be very dangerous in bad weather. Lightning is probably the biggest danger you will face, but remember that the summit is completely exposed to the wind and other elements. Stay off the summit if the weather even looks bad. Remember that it doesn't have to be raining for lightening to strike. Also remember that you will be gaining 3000+ feet of altitude from your starting point. It will likely be significantly colder on the summit than in the parking area. Carry a jacket and wind pants no matter what time of the year you are going.
There is plenty of water at the beginning of the trip (if you filter it of course), but once you pass the falls and begin climbing it dries out quickly. Be sure to pack enough if you plan on spending an overnight.
Finally, remember that Mt. Chocorua is one of the most popular destinations in the White Mountains. This means two things: there will be alot of people of all skill levels on the trail, and the White Mountain National Forest has had to designate a significant portion of the area around the peak as a Restricted Use Area. This means there is no camping there. If you attempt to follow our route, be prepared to summit, and continue on for another few miles before you make camp, to ensure you are outside of the restricted area.
Sights to watch for Don't pass up the chance to check out Pitcher and Champney falls on the way up to the summit. Unless you are hiking very early or late in the season there will be a million people there, but I think it's still worth it.

Our Route
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