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. . . More Carter Dome & Mt. Hight Pictures . . .

The valley to the northEven in the fog and rain, the valley looks impressive. This shot was taken at about 2:00 PM, but it looks like dusk.
The view from Mt. Hight was dark, but still pretty amazing. We enjoyed the weather, once the pouring rain let up. View From Mt. Hight
He only LOOKS far away Summiting Mt. Hight, a stop definitely worthwhile.
Yeah, this chipmunk was cute, but the little bugger wouldn't go away! He nearly gnawed Rob's foot right off! Ain't he cute?  But annoying!
For those of you on hallucinogenic drugs . . . Whoa, the rain really got to the camera after a while. This should have been a great picture, but the camera got blurry. We kinda like it though.

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