Hike New Hampshire
Trips in NH
Background Information Date of Hike July 18
  Weather Hazy sun. 95 in Concord, 85 - 90 in the mountains.
  Location Mount Flume and Mount Liberty
  Length 8+ miles, about 10 hours on the trail
Equipment Clothes
  • Wind / rain jacket (CB Sports Gore-Tex anaorak w/ hood)
  • North Face Tek-Ware t-shirt
  • North Face Shorts
  • Thor-Lo medium weight hiking socks
  • Merril Wilderness (Black Death) Boots
  • Old favorite US Army issue "Boonie" jungle hat (didn't last long)
  Other Equipment
  • PUR Hiker Water Filter (very important!)
  • Safety / Repair kit
    • Waterproof Matches
    • Tinder (Dryer lint in a waterproof container)
    • Strong nylon thread
    • 2 heavy duty needles (kept w/ thread spool in an old 35mm film canister)
    • Space Blanket
    • Repair Cement (strong all purpose "Barge" cement)
    • 12" of duct tape, rolled around a pencil stub
    • 1st aid kit (Wilderness Systems w/ extra blister treatments & medicines)
    • Leatherman tool
  • Maps of trail & area (generated w/ TOPO!)
  • Silver Ranger compass
  • Bug Spray (Ben's 100)
  • Sunscreen (Coppertone Sport SPF 25)
  • Blistex
  • Pack-Towl (soaked up quarts of sweat!)
  • 3 feet of toilet paper
  • Princeton-Tec Headlamp
  • 2 Chewy Granola bars
  • 1 Power Bar
  • 1/2 sandwich bag of peanuts
  • 1/2 sandwich bag of jelley beans
  • 1 MRE (beef stew)
  • 2 liter Platypus, chilled
  • 1 liter wide-mouth Nalgene bottle of Gatorade
  • 1 liter wide mouth Nalgene bottle of water, chilled

Note: During this terribly hot hike, I drank the 2L platypus, refilled it, then drank it again. I also finished the gatorade and the 1L Nalgene bottle of water. Then I refilled the Nalgene water bottle and drank 3/4 of it. That's a total of 7 liters in 1 day. Then we stopped at McDonalds and I finished a super-size Coke, then refilled that for the drive home.

All of this was packed in my Jansport Cirque pack, with room to spare. Total weight was about 12 lbs.

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